Lycée Paul Emile Victor, Champagnole

Champagnole is situated in the Jura (Franche-Comté), 90 km from Geneva and Switzerland and 75 km from Besançon, the county capital city. It is on the first Jurassian plateau, 500 metre-high. The main economic resources are agriculture and the wood industry, and there are also a few industrial companies such as industrial cutting and the spectacle industry.

Lycée Paul Emile Victor is a general, technical and vocational school, mainly focussing on industrial technology and services. About 70 percent of the students come from deprived backgrounds. The school is situated in a rural area, far from big cities and access to culture is limited.

Our students can be lead to find jobs in foreign countries, especially in Europe or Switzerland which are not in a distance. Every year, the school welcomes a few American or Australian exchange students. Our students must be ready to communicate in foreign languages and learning foreign languages will enable them to discover other countries and learn their culture so as to be open-minded and capable of adapting themselves to the European labour market and to learn about the European citizenship.

Lycée Paul Emile Victor has been involved in eTwinning, Comenius and Erasmus+ projects since 2008. One of the key persons is an eTwinning ambassador. Numerous projects have been awarded European quality labels and one eTwinning project got a National prize in 2010. We have been involved in two Comenius projects, one of which we coordinated and participated in an Erasmus + KA2 project. We are also experienced in the creation and animation of websites. We are very experienced in collaborative work, and the team of teachers will be keen on giving it a multidisciplinary approach, combining teachers from the general studies and the vocational school.

Members of the project :

Mrs Françoise Moutenet, English teacher and coordinator 

Mrs Marjolaine Vialet, French teacher

Mrs Béatrice Blache, librarian

Mrs Valerie Roussel Fesnien, social care teacher

Mr Franck Gras, social care teacher

Mr Laurent Nélaton, sports teacher

Contacts :

Lycée Paul Emile Victor

625, avenue de Gottmadingen

BP 80116, 39303 CHAMPAGNOLE

Tél : 03 84 53 10 00 - Fax : 03 84 53 10 01


2nd General Lyceum of Amaliada - Athanasios Papageorgiou

Our school, 2nd General Lyceum is situated in Amaliada, a small city of Elis Prefecture. Elis is located in the west of the Peloponese, about 350 km away from Athens, the capital of Greece. 2nd General Lyceum of Amaliada is one of the largest schools of the prefecture attended by around 300 students each year, who, in their majority, are Greeks, aged 16-18. However, there is also a small number of students of foreign nationalities. The school is housed in a brightly colored building with 15 classrooms, three labs (physics, chemistry, and ICT) two offices for the staff, one office for the headmistress, and plenty of space for the students to hang around. What is worth mentioning is our schoolyard, which is quite spacious, with lots of trees (lemons, oranges, tangerines) and lots of olive trees. During the 1st year students attend general studies subjects. In the 2nd year, they chose between 2 scientific areas (Humanitarian and Sciences) according to the subjects they wish to be nationally examined the following year. In the third year, the scientific areas are 3 (Humanitarian, Sciences, and Economic). The focus during this year is on the subjects of the scientific areas, as the final exams in a national level determine their entrance to higher education. There are 35 teachers in all. Educational activities, Environmental and Cultural programs are being held inside and out the premises of the school. 2 e-twinning projects have been successfully completed, both of which having been awarded National and European quality labels. For the 1st time this year our school enthusiastically participates in a European Erasmus+ Project. Annually, our students take part in various competitions in the areas of Physics, Maths, Biology, Poetry, Literature, Sports and EUROSCOLA, they achieve high performances and they are frequently awarded.

Amaliada, has about 18.000 citizens and it is the second largest town in population, after the capital of the prefecture, Pyrgos. There are a lot of public and private services, shops, lots of cafes, and, generally, recreational areas for all ages. Apart from our school, there is one more General Lyceum, 2 Vocational Secondary schools, 3 High schools, 6 Elementary schools and kindergartens. Two of the most significant archaeological sites of the country, Ancient Olympia and Ancient Ilida, the birthplaces of the Olympic Games are found here. What is more, between Amaliada and Ancient Olympia, there is Katakolo Port, which is considered one of the three most important transit ports in the Mediterranean. What is more, a well known tourist site is the medieval castle of Chlemoutsi. On the west of Elis Prefecture, endless kilometers of exotic sandy beaches are formed where people of all ages can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea (Kourouta, Palouki, Arkoudi...). The economy is mainly based on agricultural products such as watermelons, potatoes, grapes, olive oil and tomatoes (for this reason, two of the major industries of tomato juice processing KYKNOS and PELARGOS are based here)

Members of the project:

Georgios GOROZIDIS,, Coordinator


Agnes BALI,




Riga Fereou street, 27200, Amaliada

Phone: +302622028012

School email:

Headmistress: Agnes Bali,


Escola Básica e Secundária Fernãodo Pó, Bombarral

Agrupamento de Escolas Fernão do Pó is a school campus with all levels of education from Pre-school to Secondary Level. There are about 1550 students attending the school with ages between 3 and 18 years old. The school also has a department of Adult Education and offers courses in the evening for adults. Most students come from a low social background with economic difficulties. As far as the Secondary Level of Education is concerned, the school offers courses in several fields, either in Regular Secondary Level or Vocational Courses. The areas are: Sciences and Technology, Economics and Languages and Literature. Besides regular secondary level, there are also Vocational Courses in Environmental Tourism, Cooking and Catering and Sports. These courses convey a level 4 qualification (Secondary level of Education + Professional Certificate). As the only VET provider in the town for the past 10 years, this school has been a crucial tool to enhance these students' qualifications and offer real educational and cultural opportunities to minimize the lack of equity usually present in these communities. The Basic and Secondary School has been developing Education and Training Courses and Professional Courses in the Tourism, Hospitality and Catering sectors in a systematic and continuous way for 10 years and, in the present year, also in the area of Sports. The option for the professional areas referred to was derived from the Educational Project of the School, which early identified in a sustained way the training needs of the region and defined the specific objectives with regard to the vocational training offer, having chosen to specialize in the specific offer of vocational courses for the tourism sector.

The long experience in previous projects, both national and international, has enabled the organization with the know how to participate fully in projects. There is a highly motivated group of staff members connected to the project, assuring the quality of the work to be done throughout the process. Our students are very active and eager to get involved in all types of projects and willing to participate actively in this one. We are situated in a rural area, surrounded by orchards (pears and apples), where in the past used to be vineyards. The main economic activity is mostly related to agriculture and services. We have very few industries, but now there is another industry growing fast in this region: tourism. We are located in a privileged area near the ocean and also near a small mountain. We are 45 minutes from Lisbon and we have direct access to the highway to Lisbon or to the north. We have railway connection as well.

So we have facility in accommodating students and teachers and we are willing to organize any type of event.

Our staff at school is mostly middle aged but they are enthusiastic and there are also younger ones. There are about 700 students and 100 teachers.

Members of the project:

Maria Fernanda CARMELO,, Coordinator

Célia FARIA,

Cristina SANTOS,


School: Escola Básica e Secundária Fernão do Pó

Avenida Dr Joaquim de Albuquerque

2540-004 Bombarral

PHONE: +351262609130

Director email: Emanuel Vilaça,


Sigulda Town Secondary school

The motto of our school is DREAM, GROW AND FLOURISH!!! All students from age of 7 to 19 are motivated to be creative and open-minded.The youngest students do sports- they are inspired by our Olimpic medalists and world champions in sceleton, bobsleigh and luge. This year our students of grade 10 are given the chance to specialize in Media Industries and Robotics.

International school projects have always been an essencial part of our school life. Some of them have been finalists of eTwinning National award- ''EAT'',''' Youtopia:towards participative citizenship'', ''Reporters without borders'', ''Youth throught camera''. We are happy that we have almost always cooperated with our current partners from Chamagnole. ( including 2 common Coomenius projects). At the moments our school is running 5 different eTwinning projects.

Members of the project

Indra VIMBA,, Coordinator

Ance KANCERE, (IT, programming)


School: Sigulda Town Secondary school

Kronvalda iela 7, Sigulda, LV-2150

Phone:+371 67972419

School email

Headmistress NINA BALODE

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